Drew Kampion, renowned writer, editor, journalist, thinker and poet…

Drew Kampion - The Waterman's Waterman
Drew Kampion – The Waterman’s Waterman
Life is a wave.  Your attitude is your surfboard.
Stay stoked & aim for the light! 
– Drew Kampion

Drew Kampion, renowned writer, editor, journalist, thinker, poet and number 7 on the “Top Ten Most Influential Surfers” list will be making a guest appearance in the pages of Mauisalt. We couldn’t be more honored and stoked.

Less than a year after he started working for them, he was appointed editor of Surfer Magazine. Kampion was one of the leaders in expanding the reach of surf media, writing anything from interviews, poems, stories in nearly all literary formats.

In 1978, he switched from Surfer to Surfing Magazine. He continued as one of the most influential people in the surf world, and has since written a few books which should be considered must-reads.

Books by Drew Kampion: http://www.drewkampion.com/Books_by_DK.html

Read more: http://www.theinertia.com/surf/10-of-the-most-influential-surfers-ever/#ixzz3K9MDBzzm