Reef Clean-Up Trip Rescheduled for 2/22/15

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 6.50.47 PMDear Fellow Divers,
We had to re-schedule the Reef Clean-Up Trip to 2/22/15 and we now have 4 open spots available due to cancellations on the new date!
Sign up if you’re interested in doing a great boat dive at cost ($67)! The dive site is off Lanai (Light House Point). We’ll be doing something good for our reefs with the clean-up work. Please see the invite for details.

This is an invitation to a reef clean-up boat dive with Extended Horizons on 2/22/15. Erik from Extended Horizons has graciously agreed to provide his boat and captain for a 2 dive trip “at cost” for a reef clean-up expedition. The location is the “Lighthouse” site off Lanai.  Since this is a non-profit dive trip it is important that you’ll honor your commitment when you RSVP and show up or pay anyway so we can cover the cost at the price indicated. For new divers who replace cancelled members make payments in cash when you come to the dive. If the event is cancelled due to lack of interest or weather, payments already made will of course be reimbursed.

I am looking for 9 divers and 3 snorkelers, a total of 12 people. If we don’t get enough snorkelers we can rotate divers to help with the retrieval of trash. Please indicate if you’re a snorkeler in the conversation/comment area of the web-site. If I don’t see a comment, I assume you’ll be diving.  We’ll meet at Mala Ramp at 6:30am on February 8th. See detailed map at the location area of this invite.

How will the reef clean-up work?

The divers will collect trash (fishing lines, weights, other items) and fill underwater crates at a central location. We’ll have at least 2 lift bags that will bring these crates to the surface where snorkelers would tow them to the boat where the crates would be emptied and then returned to the divers.

What will Extended Horizons provide?

* Boat & Captain

* Crates and buckets for the trash

* Standard Air (80 – tanks)

What do you need to bring – divers

* Your diving gear (excluding air)

* A pair of diagonal cutters (to cut through fishing wire)

* Underwater collecting bag if you have one

* Bring gloves if you have a pair you can wear underwater (even gardening gloves will work just fine)

I hope this event is interesting to you and depending on success we’ll make it a more regular occurrence. Our shorelines and ocean are precious and if the Mantas can make a small difference in helping to keep them clean, we can all be proud! I hope you’ll choose to be a part of this event.

Find more information about Extended Horizons in the link below: