Why is this Ok Now? Surfing’s Rampant Drug Use


from “Surfing’s ‘Rampant Drug Use’ and Accountability” by , The Inertia Surf Editor

“I was at a party in Puerto Rico a week after Irons died. At this party, there were competitive professional surfers doing drugs  – cocaine and marijuana, in case you were curious. We were all drinking alcohol. It was a pretty sedate scene; from what I gathered, no one was going to overdose or induce an alcoholic coma. In other words, it was a party, like many I have attended outside the surf world, for adults. In this way, it was similar to big-wave riding, or maybe the fetish-sex scene – pastimes that adults can enjoy but are probably inappropriate for children. These events can be dangerous at times, but they are certainly enjoyable and generally harmless outlets for those who choose to indulge in them. Honestly, I can’t see anything wrong with being part of a culture that is permissive of drugs – in fact; any sub-culture that is explicitly against drugs is probably against most other fun things as well.”

Really? Are we that spiritually and morally bankrupt? Has anyone seen the statistics? How about the literacy and high school drop-out rate in this country? Surfers used to be trendsetters, now they’re “just goin’ along with the rest of mainstream society.”

Tetsuhiko Endo is an irresponsible jackass. This reeks of the new breed of entitled conservative hippie nonsense.