The Nautical Tribe – ROCK the BOAT for sustainability and social justice…

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 5.25.45 PMThe Nautical Tribe

Short Description: “The Nautical Tribe” is edu-tainment that takes us along for hands on deck eco-adventures that engage communities to come together for positive change all around our blue planet ≈

Long: SEAS: Sail ≈ Explore ≈ Assess ≈ Serve ≈ “The Nautical Tribe” is a series of ocean going eco-adventures that culminate as inspirational edu-tainment for modern audiences. We collaborate as a Nautical Tribe to ROCK the BOAT for sustainability and social justice. The effectiveness of this Tribe depends on YOU and everyone YOU get on board ≈ and Blog at:!/nauticaltribe