Vitali Maembe and The Spirits : Music and Dance is meant to be Enjoyed

maembeVitali Maembe and The Spirits: Music and Dance is meant to be Enjoyed

Vitali Maembe is an East African artist known for his music that combines inland and coastal rhythms, poetic and provocative lyrics. He was born in Sumbawanga, grew up in Dar es salaam, graduated from Bagamoyo College of Arts, and lives in Tanganyika, Tanzania.

As for his music involvement, his focus is on awakening the society. “Lyrics provoke discussions in which people find solutions on their own,” he says. But occasionally, he uses music and dance as a therapy and for palliative care.

“All and all I like all other arts and believe music and dance is meant to be enjoyed.”

Watch for Vitali in the next Maui AMPFest, July 4th, 2015!

Youtube Link: Maui AMPFest

Other Music from Vitali:

1. Documentary ‘Chanjo ya Rushwa’ (vaccine against corruption)

2. Documentary ‘Little town Bagamoyo’

3. Song ‘Vuma’ search for Vitali Maembe on Google.