The Aloha Project: Words, Music and Compassion

“Grow The Change” Work Day at “Ka Hale A Ke Ola” with “Rumi” and friends.

Aloha Folks,

Our overall intention is to establish a communication and resource network.

The campaign actually has three interlocking components. Firstly the Video Fest (which will be a weekly online broadcast) and will showcase diverse bands from around the world with Hawaiian Culture and music as it’s centerpiece thusly perpetuating the Spirit of Aloha and create a worldwide bond between socially and politically conscious bands from around the world. We will also be working with the “Music is the Medicine” Foundation. Musicians in the festival include representatives from Portugal, India, Germany, The Phillipines, the UK, and various and sundry other parts of the world, including Texas.

Secondly there is our fledgling publication Mauisalt Magazine, a quarterly publication which we hope to use as a vehicle to:

1. Promote Hawaiian Culture through its connection to the Ocean

2. Promote the Video Fest and…

3. Serve as an outreach for the many native people who have found themselves homeless on Maui and the Other Hawaiian Islands.

And thirdly, to help establish a warrior sanctuary for sufferers of PTSD (hopefully to be named the Queen Kaahumanu Center, given permission).

Indiegogo Link:

Mauisalt Magazine:


The Nautical Tribe – ROCK the BOAT for sustainability and social justice…

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 5.25.45 PMThe Nautical Tribe

Short Description: “The Nautical Tribe” is edu-tainment that takes us along for hands on deck eco-adventures that engage communities to come together for positive change all around our blue planet ≈

Long: SEAS: Sail ≈ Explore ≈ Assess ≈ Serve ≈ “The Nautical Tribe” is a series of ocean going eco-adventures that culminate as inspirational edu-tainment for modern audiences. We collaborate as a Nautical Tribe to ROCK the BOAT for sustainability and social justice. The effectiveness of this Tribe depends on YOU and everyone YOU get on board ≈ and Blog at:!/nauticaltribe