The Good News About Cleaner Water Around Maui

OceanHealthThe good news about cleaner water around Maui:

Watershed Stewardship: What You Can Do

From the West Maui Kumuwai website:

Learn more about watersheds and conservation efforts in West Maui:

EPA’s “What is a Watershed”

EPA’s Watershed Stewardship Toolkit:

Watershed Stewardship efforts of the West Maui Ridge to Reef Initiative:

West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership


Greenpeace Needs You!

Greenpeace4Strangely enough, there are currently no active Greenpeace groups in Hawaii but there are still ways to be involved, no matter where you live. The Save the Arctic Campaign is a great way to do that. I highly recommend looking at this link:

Message to Mauians:

“We’d love to help you get something started on Maui!” – Jordan Woods, Greenpeace Activist @ericjordanwoods