All this in one video you ask?

maui music_openingFinishing up production on the Aloha Maui “Mixed Plate” Music Video Fest and I think I’ve become one with the machine. For better or for worse I am a laptop with magical software. We’ve spent the past 7 days conspiring to create what we hope will be “the” event or at least “an” event of your year. We’re both tired and overheated but we think we might have created something cool, something fun, and something edifying. All this in one video you ask? Well, she’s one hour and fifteen minutes long. Chances are there might be something worthwhile somewhere in there. We’ll be giving away the first 50 copies. So watch out, a couple of strangers might just force a free DVD on you.


Tiger Shark Attacks Paddleboarder In Hawaii

shark-board-2-670Advice from Xena: They are in the breeding grounds on that side of the island where the water in the winter time is the warmest. This is where sharks and whales come to have their babies and they are looking for food. The Kanakas say “no get in da water in winter and no murky water yeah,” you stay out of there… – Xena W. Princess, Haiku

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In other news: Ultimate Selfie?