7. Ad Rates

What people are saying:

“I’m thrilled to see this magazine launch! We’ve been residents for three years (my other half grew up on Oahu), and as surfers, sailors, and cyclists, we have been hungry for a REAL Maui magazine. ” – Cecilia Potts, Journalist

“Stoked to learn that maui s.a.l.t. will soon be available in print!” – Carrll Robilotta, Photographer

“I’ve been looking through your new online magazine, Maui Salt and think it is just amazing!” – Carly Smith

“Nice work on the online mag, Phil; I like your bio as well. I look forward to seeing your inaugural print issue. All the best” – Carrll Robilotta, Kahana




To advertise in the print version of Maui Salt and sage Magazine (accompanied by a free spot on the website) please call Peggy Johnson, 808-281-6020

About The Publisher:

Philip Scott Wikel is a five star (Midwest Book Review) novelist, a graphic designer and former publisher of The Surfwriter’s Quarterly, who also dabbles in music (with band The Julian Day) and photography.

He studied Comparative Literature at UC-Santa Cruz and his lifelong passion for words led him to write poetry, short stories, two novellas and journalistic pieces which have found readership in various forms of publication, including “Green Surfing: The Shock of the New” in The Surfer’s Path.

He considers the high point of his writing career to be when he interviewed the musician Jack Johnson for Blue Edge magazine as it fused three of his favorite interests, music, surfing, and writing.

After making 5 extended trips to surf on Maui, beginning in 1986, Phil finally decided to make the island his home in 2012.

His motto:

Endeavoring to increase the moments of joy experienced through the arts.


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